UV Reactive zebra print event decorations

  • 1m x 1.5m
  • 2m x 1.5m
  • 3m x 1.5m
  • 4m x 1.5m


$109.00 USD

Rainbow zebra print party supplies will WOW your guests. Glow in the dark, DIY wall decor as easy as 1, 2, 3. Look no further for party ideas!  

Power up birthdays, school dances/discos, sensory rooms, parties, Halloween & more.

Make your decor unforgettable with your own UV-reactive zebra print party ceiling canopy. They’ll be talking about your one-of-a-kind setup all year.

Illuminate in 3 Easy Steps:

  • -Stretch
  • -Hang
  • -Turn on Your UV Light & Enjoy the Glow

Need to decorate ceilings? Walls? Sound systems? Scaffolding? Our rainbow zebra print stretch lycra makes any area unique, eye-catching, and immersive.

More fun, less fuss! Free tips and tricks guide included.

Parents, forget the mess of paper party streamers or plastic wall hangings. Cover more space with less effort. Reuse again and again. Never fades, easy to wash (cold water) & folds flat to store (smaller than A4 paper).

Colours may vary as it depends on your camera lense and black light bulb wattage.



Product Specifications
Front: Rainbow Zebra Print 

Back: White (Glows Blue in Blacklight) 

Made from a blend of Polyester and elastane

Blacklight Not Included 

Handmade, Made to Order: Give 3-10 Days for us to work our magic just for you 

Rough Stretching Guide: 

 3m x 1.5m will stretch to approx. 4.6m in length and 2.5m width 

2m x 1.5m will stretch to approx. 3.80m in length and 3.10m width


-UK Shipping Options: Express 24hr or Express 48hr with Parcel Force (Shipment info sent via text or email)

-International Shipping: Arrives within 2-5 days, Parcel Force (Tracking sent via email)
  • Funky glowing pattern that creates a statement in seconds
  • Loved by people of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders
  • Use it time and time again. Simply put it on a cold wash if it gets dirty

Make your ceiling a magical one

No need to fret about those ceiling lights! Our UV decorations are made to stretch right over them, no problemo! 💡🌟

no more stressing over decorating

Pass the reins to us! We've got the perfect, hassle-free solution for decorating that special event or room of yours. All you need to do is stretch, let your light shine, and kick back in style! 🌈🌟
Go wild and stretch them across ceilings, play with walls, and beyond! There are no rules here, just pure creative freedom. You can follow the image or venture into uncharted territory, shaping these decorations into fantastical new forms. 

Let loose, have a blast, and let the enchanting UV magic work its wonders! 🌟

Check out our quick and easy installation video below

Say goodbye to decorating dilemmas! With our UV decorations, decorating becomes a breeze—no more fuss, just fun! 🌈✨

Piece your UV zebra stretch decoration with one of these for ultimate WOW

Our customers can't get enough of the mix-and-match magic with our trippy, stretchy web decorations! When these babies team up, you'll have a mind-blowing, immersive setup in a flash! 🕸️🌟