Lightbulb Moments and UV Dreams: Cherise's Journey in Episode 4

I've always believed in things coming full circle. If you leave something behind, it'll find its way back to you if it's meant to be. That's what happened with my UV decor.

I knew I'd revisit my UV world from Plymouth one day, and that day came when I was painting. I had an idea:

Turn nightclub props into an e-commerce product sold directly to customers. 🌐🌟🎨

mix and match UV decor

I took a gamble and went with my gut instinct. There was no previous sales data to go by which made it risky.

I began with just three colours: pink, green, and white. It wasn't easy, and I started with small fabric pieces. But over time, I built up my collection, and now I work with larger rolls of fabric. 🌈

Making that bold business move, investing in stock, was a game-changer. It rescued me from my 'dabbling era' when I was floating without a clear goal, trying prints, paintings, murals, and seeking commissions.

cherise being proud with her orders


But I haven't given up on painting. Everything comes full circle, and just as UV decor had its time, there'll be a moment in my current venture when I'll return to my easel with time to spare. 🌟🎨🚀

Creating my own website after years of using Etsy has been the best decision to come out of 2023.

Here is a recent Customer Reviews:


recent customer review


Building my business and my community I've been able to go on a trip of a lifetime

In 2022, I got the opportunity to fly out to Spain to spend 2 weeks with WOWdeco

Networking is a game-changer for creatives, it's about connections more than knowledge. In August 2022, I embarked on my first 'business' trip, tax-deductible thanks to networking.

my first UV sprayed piece

I got to do what I love in a sunny place, surrounded by like-minded people. Learning from those I've admired for years was an incredible honour, making it one of my most cherished artistic experiences. 🤝🌞🎨

While in Spain, I ordered equipment like airguns and compressors to prepare for my return home. The initial learning experience was overwhelming, but when I landed, I had to go solo and relearn everything under my own guidance. 🇪🇸🛠️✈️

the best trip to spain


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