Trippy Creations Ltd (“the Owner”) hereby agrees to let on hire and the Hirer agrees to take on hire from Trippy Creations Ltd the products completed at checkout for the term of 8 or 12 days depending on the online selection made by the hirer. Such product package will be subsequently delivered to the Delivery Address (hereinafter called “the Site”), with arrival on the first day of the hiring term (day one).

The Product shall be returned upon the termination date agreed upon within this Hire Agreement (sent via 24 Hour Parcel Force on day 8 or day 12, using pre-paid shipping label). Notwithstanding notice given and accepted risk, the risk always remains the Hirer’s responsibility whilst the product is within the possession and under the Hirer’s control. 

Trippy Creations Ltd shall not agree to termination unless the product is able to be returned in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the hire period.


(a) Acceptance of the product on site shall be deemed to imply the Hirer’s unqualified acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Hire stated herein.

(b) The Owner shall arrange for the delivery of the Product to the Site as soon as such Product is paid for (and as per the date of the booking, day one) and shall have the Product delivered whereupon the Hirer shall become responsible for the Product thereafter until such time as it is returned to the Owner’s premises.

(c) The Hirer acknowledges that, as the provided decor is exclusively available for hire and has been utilised by previous customers, there may be minor imperfections resulting from earlier installations:

Such imperfections may encompass small holes that have occurred where the decor was secured with tiny tacks at key tension points along the edges during previous setups. These minor markings are a normal consequence of the installation process and are not typically noticeable once the decor is properly reinstalled and viewed under UV lighting. 

Trippy Creations Ltd. assures that these aesthetic nuances do not detract from the overall visual impact of the decor and are testament to the durability and extended lifecycle of our quality decorations, which are crafted to withstand multiple uses.


(a) The Product is and shall at all times remain the property of the Owner. Throughout this Agreement, the word “Owner” shall be deemed to include the Owner in its capacity as ostensible Owner for others.

(b) The Hirer shall not do or omit or suffer to be done or omitted any act or thing whereby the Product may be seized or taken in execution under legal process and shall not without the previous written consent of the Owner permit the Product to pass out of the Hirer’s agents or servants, personal custody and control at the site.


(a) To secure the hire of Products from Trippy Creations (the "Owner"), the Hirer shall provide a refundable deposit to the Owner prior to the commencement of the Hire Term. The deposit amount is contingent upon the size of the order placed by the Hirer as follows:

(i) Small Hire Deposit: £80.00 for orders comprising up to two (2) individual decorations (for example, 2x 3m rainbow webs).

(ii) Medium & Large Hire Deposits: £100 for orders of bundles where the content exceeds two (2) pieces.

(b) Upon the return of the hired Products and following a satisfactory quality control inspection by the Owner to ensure they are undamaged and in an acceptable condition, the deposit will be refunded to the Hirer.

(c) The deposit will be returned to the Hirer using the same method they used to pay it. This will be done via Shopify and will be marked as ‘refund’ for the deposit amount you paid. Ie: £80 or £100

(d) The Hirer is advised to ensure that all banking details provided for the refund are accurate and current. 

(e) Once the hired Products have been returned to Trippy Creations, the Hirer shall allow a period of 3-5 business days for the shipment delivery back to the Owner and the subsequent quality control and inspection period. The refund will be initiated directly after this period, provided the Products pass the inspection without need for any deductions as per the Damage Clause in these Terms and Conditions.

(f) If the inspection reveals damages or loss that fall within the stipulations of the Damage Clause, deductions from the deposit will be made accordingly, and the balance, if any, will be refunded to the Hirer under the terms set out herewithin.

(g) The Owner will inform the Hirer once the quality control inspection is complete and will provide details concerning the timing and the amount of the refund to be issued.


During the continuance of the Agreement:

(a) The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that any Products received under the Hire Agreement shall be inspected upon delivery and shall be deemed to be in good, operable condition unless the Hirer notifies the Owner within one day of receipt of any defects.

(b) The Hirer accepts full liability for the Products during the Hire Term. In the event that any Product is found to be damaged, defaced, or in a state of disrepair at any point while in the possession of the Hirer or upon the products return to the Owner, the Hirer agrees to assume all costs associated with the repair or replacement of the Product as per Clause 4.

(c) The Hirer agrees that, in the case of damage, the Owner shall assess the extent of the damage and determine at its sole discretion the cost required to repair or replace the Product. The Owner reserves the right to charge the Hirer the full replacement cost of the Product, which shall reflect the current retail price of a new item of the same or comparable quality.

(d) If the damage is found to be intentional or the result of willful neglect, the Owner reserves the right to pursue further legal action in addition to the recovery of costs for repair or replacement.

(e) The provisions of this Damage Clause are in addition to, and do not limit, any other rights or remedies the Owner may have under the Hire Agreement or by law.

Hire obligations

During the continuance of this Agreement, the Hirer agrees:

(a) Not to permit the Product to be put into jeopardy from the effects of fire, excessive heat, water, unsuitable conditions or any other foreseeable risk.

(b) To keep the Product secure at all times against theft and vandalism.

(c) Not to sell, assign, sub-let, transfer charge, pledge or create a lien over the Product or any part thereof or of this Agreement or any interest therein; not without the previous written consent of the Owner.

(d) Hiring of Products is only available within Great Britain.

HIRERS indemnity 

The Hirer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Owner from and against all liability losses and claims made or incurred by third parties arising directly or indirectly out of the Hirers use of the Product.

 In the event that an accident occurs involving personal injury or damage to property of the Product the Hirer undertakes to inform the Owner by telephone and within 7 days in writing of such accident giving full details thereof.


(a) As stipulated within Clause 4 and 5, all décor must be returned in its original state to how it arrived in the official packaging. Any stains, rips, blemishes or visible damage will be subject to charges as detailed within this agreement.

(b) The Hirer agrees to return the hired decor utilising the complimentary packaging provided by Trippy Creations Ltd. ("the Owner") through the courier ‘Parcel Force’ with 24 hour tracked and signed express delivery. The arrival date will be day one of the 8 or 12 day hire. It is therefore advised that day one of the hiring timeframe is NOT the day of the hirers event.

(c) The Hirer is permitted to ship the decor on of before the last day of the hiring duration (day 8 or day 12). However, failure to return the hired decor within the stipulated time frame will result in a deduction from the Hirer's deposit, with a late fee of £15.00 being applied.

(d) Failure to return the Product as per the terms and conditions of this agreement will result in a penalty, the cost of which is at the sole discretion of the Owner, and will be deducted from the refundable deposit.


All or any of the rights, benefits, and liabilities of the Owner under this Agreement and/or the property in the Product may be assigned, transferred, charged, pledged or otherwise disposed of either in whole or in part by the Owner without the consent of the Hirer.


On the termination of this Agreement, the Hirer shall return the Product to the Owner for inspection and the Product must be complete to the condition as at the date on which the Product was delivered to the Site.


No variation of the Agreement shall have any effect unless confirmed in writing by the Owner and the Hirer.


Any notice required to be given by one party to the other hereunder shall be given by sending the same by pre-paid first class letter post or email to the respective address specified in the said Terms and Conditions.


The sub-headings shall not affect the validity construction or interpretation of these conditions.