Collection: UV Art & Decor

Step into a realm of wonder and imagination with our captivating UV event decor and art. Discover a world where the mystical meets the modern, where enchantment is woven into every fibre of our creations. Our UV Decor is a treasure trove of alternative and mesmerising pieces that will transform any space into a magical masterpiece.

Crafted with a passion for artistry and a dedication to quality, each piece in our collection is a testament to the unique and the unusual. Our alternative aesthetic embraces the fantastical, making it perfect for those who dare to embrace their individuality and crave the extraordinary.

We bring you hand made decor that's authentic and crafted by humans. With this in mind please be patient with the production time, it allows us to work our magic

Everything is made with sheer passion

we love what we do

And we love that you love what we do

Our happy place

The glow-getter station

Produced entirely from scratch from our glowing workshop

As our business grows so does our workshop

A DIY journey

We're able to expand and restore our surroundings with your help. Every time you buy from us we feed it back through to better our work environments and much more.