Colourful Merchandise

Are you tired of the same old boring, grey, beige office supplies? Or maybe you need a bag that suits your radiant personality? Here at Trippy Creations we cater for colourful souls just like you. 

And guess what? You don't have to go to a psychedelic rave to experience trippy vibes. As our most favourite mushroom product line will mimic the same cool, funky feel.

Botanical Art & Accessories

Bloom every day with our vibrant range of botanical art and accessories. So you can live every day like it's the start of the Spring.

Dragon Art & Accessories

Calling all fantasy lovers, this collection is for you! Welcome to our mythical, magical array of dragon hoodies, tee's, notebooks and more. Let the power of our dragon ignite your imagination.

Colourful Mushroom Art & Accessories

Our wackiest, psychedelic range to date! Stand out from the crowd and let the power of this cartoon mushroom design turn heads. Be prepared for everyone to ask you where you got it from!!



Embark on a journey with our art: Stickers, Badges, Bags, and beyond!

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Unique Art

Step into the UV art wonderland and grab a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Cherise!

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Fall into the whimsical world of our magical notepads and let your imagination soar!

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