How do I install this décor?

Each order comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual which also has helpful tips to maximise the shapes you create.It’s really easy to install. Depending on the venue you can either hammer it into place with nails, or if you’re installing on scaffold bars you can use cable ties and peg it altogether through the holes. You can even use a combination of the 2 methods to join pieces together to create a larger surface area. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

I want to order a size greater than 4m long, can you do this?

I am slowly intergrating a larger size into all decor option. You will slowly see a new bigger size of 5m popping up amongst all styles. Currently these only exist on uv white and green. But feel free to get in touch for a specific colour in 5m

What UV lights do I need?

Our Trippy Creations© décor doesn’t come with UV lights. You will need to purchase your own and there’s plenty to choose from. You can either get UV flood lights, UV tubing panels, UV standard bulbs or UV LED’s etc. When ordering lights always make sure you are purchasing a strong wattage else your décor won’t glow to its full potential.

Do you accept cancellations/ refunds?

I gladly welcome cancellations if cancelled within 24hrs. This is because your order goes into production straight away. By cancelling early, it will eliminate this problem. I don’t however accept refunds on this custom-made décor, as every piece is hand made. Please make sure this is what you want to purchase before you make an order. My email is always open to answer any of your questions: cherise@trippycreations.co.uk

How long does delivery take?

All UK based orders are shipped with Parcel Force express 24hr or express 48hr. This has a wait time of between 1-2 days and you’ll get text or email updates of your tracking. For all international orders, these are sent with euro-economy if you’re in the EU, or global- priority for all countries outside the EU. These take between 2-5 days to arrive, and you will get emails from Parcel Force with your tracking information and parcels journey.  Please be mindful that this does not include the production time.

How long is your process time from when I place an order?

When you place an order with me it goes into a queue. Sometimes I can start yours straight away and have it shipped within 3-5 days. Otherwise, I have a production time of 1-10 days. This allows me time to have a suitable work-life balance.

My parcel hasn’t turned up. What should I do?

Should parcels ever go missing or fail to turn up, always refer to your tracking information via the courier provided. Whilst I will be deeply saddened to hear you haven’t received it, I cannot take full blame for this when it leaves my studio. I always encourage you to ring up your nearest sorting office/ depo as sometimes your parcels can be held there. This is something I can’t do for you, especially if it’s international as I would be operating on different time zones. Your parcel will have updates on each step of its journey, so please remember to check that as it will save you time and stress before reaching out to me. Rest assured, all of the above rarely happens.

What are the Customs and further charges fees?

Buyers are responsible for tax charges where possible. I cannot tell you what your charges will be as this depends on the order and your country.

I have an event coming up, can you meet the deadline?

Yes! But I can’t emphasise enough on the importance of letting me know before hand and not a couple days before. With large bulk orders we always say to allow at least 2-3 weeks before your event. This gives us plenty of time to create your order and ship it back out to you, without the pressure of approaching deadlines. If you place an order with me and then get in touch saying the event is next week, I cannot take full responsibility of ensuring that décor gets to you on time. Please remember to always plan in advance so that you don’t end up unhappy.

Are your trippy creations© printed accessories and inflatable decorations shipped the same time as your decor?

No! This is because we have a print on demand production partner called Printful and they fulfill all our printed accessories such as clothing and office supplies. Your items will be shipped at different times. Please see our terms and conditions for a detailed overview of this

All our LED inflatable decorations are dispatched from our reliable warehouse in China. You will receive full tracking and your order will be marked as shipped once I get alerted of the quality control check