Some of our UV decoration listings automatically come with a coating of gloss varnish spray. Otherwise if not, you will be given the option to select it as an add- on if deemed necessary. 

If selected, our gloss varnish spray is applied at the end of the creation process and is designed to make the UV paints last longer. It protects and preserves the life expectancy of the glow, and also acts as a semi-waterproof coating for outside use. However we still strongly advise against heavy exposure to water, as the paints are water based and may fade.

Designed to give you temporary piece of mind when installing outside, or indoors where the humidity levels will be high.
Fire Retardancy
We cut directly from the roll which comes straight from our manufacturer, meaning that our UV fabrics are not flame proof. Depending on your use of this product you may require flame proofing of the material as a buyer’s responsibility and for peace of mind. 

 You can choose to select this when ordering, meaning that it will be lightly sprayed with Flametect Nitro spray before we ship it out to you. 

The treatment is specifically for synthetic textiles and is both water based and skin safe. It has a neutral PH that doesn’t contain corrosive ammonium polyphosphate and is also machine washable up to 10 cycles with the treatment on. 

 More information on how it reaches the relevant British standards can be found on the certificate which is supplied with each order. Or for more information, please visit: