Way back in 2013, I was displaying my artwork on a simple Facebook page. Now I’m the founder of Trippy Creations Ltd, bringing custom-made aesthetics to events like yours all around the world. 

During my time in Plymouth getting my (Ba Hons) degree in Fine Art, I saw one too many generic underground music nights. You know the kind… great music but a dull, lifeless venue.

 Promoters needed cost-effective, quick, and easy- to-set-up decor. They were doing the best they could.

But event-goers deserved a unique and immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

Luckily, Cherise was the solution for both.

At first, I traded my art decor installations for free event tickets. (Big shout out to Elements Festival and Mammoth Sounds: Ragga Twins, Serial Killaz, FISH, and many other headline acts) My unbridled creativity and growing business lead me on a 2-year journey of innovation, research, and testing. Going to festivals and events might not seem like hard work to you, but I was ravenous for data...


Armed with my new decorating expertise, I shifted my sights to production and distribution. Free event tickets are amazing - but you can’t eat them!

 Online I found generic. Again. Searching Google for UV-reactive decor was limited and frustrating. 

Most shops didn’t even stock glow, stretch, or UV options. If they did, they only catered to raves, clubs, and the psytrance scene. 

Why should such a versatile, immersive decor idea be limited to nightclubs?

Why should it be hard to find and harder to set up?

I expanded beyond my internationally successful Etsy shop to my very own direct-to-consumer sales website. You get more immersive and unique decor without the middleman. No celebration is too big or too small.

You deserve easy, unique, and vibrant decor. So you can spend less time setting up and more time making memories together.

Don't take our word for it...