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UV Reactive Red/Pink polka dot event decorations

Need party ideas? This DIY wall decor is always a hit & makes venue room set up easy. From bedrooms to festivals, this party supply rocks.

Decorate to impress. Make any space magical and memorable in 3 easy steps. Meet your new favourite party supply idea. Enjoy DIY event room set up in minutes.

Perfect for events, festivals, parties, or sensory rooms. This UV-reactive ceiling canopy or wall hanging is ice-white in normal light and glows a stunning blue in black light.

Illuminate in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Stretch
  • Hang
  • Turn on Your UV Light & Enjoy the Glow

Sure to stand out and have people talking. Every piece is hand-cut and custom made-to-order.

Durable & reusable for years to come

Transform scaffolding, speakers, ceilings, walls, corners & more in minutes. Stretch depends on the number of holes in your one-of-a-kind design.

Order now so we can get started on your custom, hand made piece.

Free Set-Up Tips & Tricks Included

Please note that my fire proofing app is in english only and won't be seen if you're viewing my website in another language. If you are requiring fire proofing or any other treatments  for your event and you're browsing in another language then please send me an email

  • 1m x 1.5m
  • 2m x 1.5m
  • 3m x 1.5m
  • 4m x 1.5m
Would you like a protective black edging to your decor?
  • Yes
  • No


£94.00 GBP
Product Specifications
Folds to store smaller than an A4 (8.5×11) piece of paper

Machine washable in cold water (30 degrees) 

This piece will either glow red or pink depending on the wattage of your bulbs and the lense of your camera.


-UK Shipping Options: Express 24hr or Express 48hr with Parcel Force (Shipment info sent via text or email)

-International Shipping: Arrives within 2-5 days, Parcel Force (Tracking sent via email)
  • Crafted to stand out. Why blend in? We want you and walls to captivate your guests.
  • A completely timeless piece. Dress it up or down and use it time and time again.
  • Cold wash if it gets dirty.

Illuminates in 3 easy steps

So your party box arrives, what do you do? Simply stretch it out, shine your UV lights and enjoy. It's as easy as that

Designed to reduce your labours. Take the no faff route with our simplistic decor


Create your own immersive, glowing rave-caves, sensory rooms, bedrooms and more with the help of our UV pink/ red stretchy decorations. 

Choose to hang them on your walls or ceilings OR create the perfect selfie spot like I have.

Spice up your surroundings in seconds

Watch as our creator (Cherise) quickly transforms this living room with our stunning UV pink stretchy webs. It's the funkiest decoration going

Protect your decor for longer with our new black edging


We've introduced our new black edging to our decor, which is a 5cm margin sewed onto the perimeter of your decor. 

It's designed to enable you to hammer into this space as opposed to directly onto the decor itself. Thus removing any worries about possible holes that may arise from hammering into position. 

This is designed for peace of mind and to allow your decor to look and feel fantastic for years to come. 

It's perfect for those that plan to install multiple times where set up becomes a regular occurance. If you're someone that is looking to purchase our webs and leave them in one location, then you may not need to consider this option. 

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