Psychedelic Wonders: Exploring the Realm of Customised Art at TrippyCreations©

Welcome to the psychedelic wonderland of TrippyCreations©, where art meets imagination to create mesmerising experiences. Our mission is to explore the realms of customised art, delving into the depths of vibrant colors and mind-bending designs. 
With a passion for creativity and a dedication to craftsmanship, TrippyCreations© brings you a curated collection of psychedelic products that ignite your senses and elevate your space. Join us on a journey of discovery as we uncover the beauty and allure of psychedelic artistry.

What is Psychedelic Art?


Several years ago, psychedelic art was not common among people. Today, it uses mind-bending distorted visuals and eye-catching graphics to alter consciousness. These designs are a great way to hypnotise people and seize their attention through trippy colors, surreal animations, and distorted visuals. More precisely, the unorganised, messy, and chaotic art is known as psychedelic art.

Benefits of Psychedelic Art


Psychedelic paintings ignite the soul and can put you in a trance. This particular style involving drawings and paintings that can help people remember ecstasy and joy in their lives. This is through liquid shapes and vivid colors which can mimic a dream like state. 

Psychedelic Products at TrippyCreations©


Among other art and design, Psychedelic products always gain people’s attention. At TrippyCreations©, we have bright, bold, and unapologetically psychedelic stickers, a perfect fit for your space. We have several psychedelic art posters that catch the viewer’s attention. 
Let us dive and take a look into the psychedelic products we can find at TrippyCreations©.

Psychedelic Mushroom Stickers


Psychedelic mushroom drawings have a fascinating and long history of influencing artistic expression worldwide. Mushroom psychedelic art has mind-altering properties that influenced musicians, artists, and writers for centuries. These handmade psychedelic mushroom stickers will add life to your space.

Stretchy Neon Psychedelic Flower Decoration


The influence of neon colors on art cannot be overlooked. We know that color is the heartbeat of psychedelic trippy art. Neon colors like vibrant green or electric blue are the rebels of the typical color wheel, demanding attention and pushing boundaries.
The glow-in-the-dark psychedelic art posters can turn your event into talk-of-the-town. TrippyCreations© has countless Stretchy neon psychedelic flower decorations of various designs and colors that completely stand out.

 UV Reactive Geometric Style Event Decoration


Are you tired of the boring UV decorations available in the market and looking for some attention-grabbing UV light designs? Then, look no further! At TrippyCreations©, you will find stunning psychedelic UV geometric decorations that will transform your space in seconds.
Look for UV reactive geometric style event decoration and set up your space for that extra wow factor.

Men’s Magic Mushroom T-shirt


Psychedelic clothing is the fashion trend you need to try right now. For a perfect psychedelic outfit, shop the Men’s Magic mushroom t-shirt at TrippyCreations©, and you won’t regret a bit of it.
Style these psychedelic clothes and build a signature look for yourself.

Stylish Hippie Mushroom Tote Bag


Why be bland and beige when you can be unapologetically colorful and cool? Flaunt something that nobody else will have in the room – our stylish hippie mushroom tote bag. Bring out your wild side by carrying this tote bag with a psychedelic mushroom drawing.

UV reactive green polka dot event decorations


With little or no effort, take your event to the next level using this green polka dot event decoration. All the products of TrippyCreations© are super easy to set up. We take care of your decoration so you can stress less and enjoy more. Get these UV-reactive green polka dot event decorations for an unforgettable experience.

Hanging Stars


Some people like minimal yet unique products to light up their houses. Here at
TrippyCreations©, you can get a pack of 6 hanging stars to light up your party. These glow-in-the-dark stars are super cute and can be easily hung anywhere with the help of an invisible string.


Whether you are new to psychedelic art or have been experimenting with it for quite a while, TrippyCreations© is your one-stop shop. From party decorations to clothing, you will find jaw-dropping products. With countless designs and vivid colors, these products fit any theme and become the ultimate hero of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to install psychedelic décor?

Each product available at TrippyCreations© comes with an installation manual. You can easily follow the steps and set up the product by yourself.

How do you make a room look psychedelic?

To achieve a trippy room feel, lighting is a vital factor. Use mushroom-shaped lamps, string, and strip lights for a psychedelic effect. And make sure you're using a lot of popping neon colours.

How can I contact TrippyCreations© for personalised artwork or custom orders?

To request personalised artwork or custom orders from TrippyCreations©, simply reach out to us. We're here to bring your creative vision to life!


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