Glowing Through Uni: Episode 2 of Cherise's Journey

College & Uni: An Obsession With Colour

College and uni, oh the rollercoaster! Some of my best and worst moments, but they brought key changes to my art. Unlike most, I knew my path, diving into a level 3 Fine Art diploma, focusing solely on my passion - ART! 🎨

Why blend in when you can stand out?

After painting for a few years, I was eager to amp up my style and tackle new projects.

One intriguing venture was exploring the effects of drugs through art. In my experimental phase, I felt confident I could convey each drug's essence through my work.

I'll admit, it sounds a bit cliché, but I had a short phase of experimenting with recreational drugs.

I used this phase to enhance my painting skills. In hindsight, maybe not the wisest choice, but it sparked my deep love for vibrant colours! 🎨✨


Uni was a blast until the coursework got all 'English Lit' on me. I was never a fan of having to conceptualise why I paint the things I do. I wanted to say, 'I create work that ignites the senses.' No need for fancy words or fitting into art scenes I didn't believe in!

In my second year at uni, I dove into the underground music scene.

Mentally, I started placing my art in the events I attended, like local dnb nights and charity gigs. I noticed event decor was lacking, and after feeling a bit lost, something clicked...

I juggled day-time coursework with my nighttime passion, often working until the early hours. Despite grueling morning lectures, it hit me that I needed to embrace this creative flow.

I began offering DIY UV-makeovers to local DJs and promoters, trading my work for event tickets.

The result?

DJs got a dazzling makeover, the crowd was thrilled, and I enjoyed free nights plus access to event photos with my decor.

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