Creativity Conquers All: Episode 3 of Cherise’s Journey

I vowed to never let full-time work suck me of my creativity


As I was painting the town with my colourful creations, graduation came calling. Back in Taunton, I faced the usual post-grad dilemma - job hunting! And so I did, but with a twist. Enter 'Party On' - my first 'grown-up' job, a fancy dress shop! 🎉🎈

I was now able to dress like a clown, install my decor and blow up balloons. I thought I hit the jackpot with my job, but then came the reality of bills and a shrinking pay-check.


I had less time for my decor installations, and I started to worry that I was losing my spark and becoming a 'boring' adult... or was I?

After a change of job and more time on my hands I revisited my love for painting.

Enter my 'dabbling' era, where I tried various things, and it was a great move because it led to new opportunities.

'Party On' Taunton closed, and I shifted into a mental health role, using art with clients. My new schedule allowed me to focus on my painting. I went all-in on acrylics, honing my mythical style for a few years! 🎨🚪🌟

mythical creature artwork

I challenged myself to explore diverse scales and surfaces as an artist, But I found the canvas a bit dull after a while.

After finishing a painting, I'd make sure it was available in various formats, from prints to stickers. It made my art more accessible, as not everyone can afford a bespoke original. 🎨✨🖼️


dragon stickers


Etsy has been my secret sauce for success!

it's a fantastic sales channel for small businesses just starting out. They bring traffic to your page, reducing the need for heavy self-promotion.

I uploaded my designs there and used SEO to pinpoint what people were searching for, driving clicks to my page.

Working on my Etsy shop led me to delve into digital marketing. I gradually became more familiar with effective online selling strategies.

My first home studio

my first home studio

Many of the paintings you see on my site today were born in my old home studio. After work and on days off, you'd often find me there, unleashing my imagination on the canvas.

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