Workshop Wonders: Episode 5 - Finding, Renovating, and Growing

Finding and renovating a workshop

After a motivating creative trip to Spain, I needed a workshop to practice what I'd learned. Finding a space wasn't easy, but I refused to be discouraged. I designed flyers and scoured Langport for a suitable place, and after months of searching, I met Ian, who had a run-down cabin on his land. It felt like winning the lottery!

But no word of a lie.. it needed a lot of work doing to it.. 


doing up my workshop which is my studio

Ian became a pivotal figure in my business's growth. With his land and the cabin, I could expand my product range. I moved in officially in March, working hard to transform it not just for me but as a thank you to Ian for believing in me and my work. 🌟🏠🔧

Section by section...


I'm incredibly amazed by how well my website has performed since its launch. Making the leap to your own store is a huge step, especially coming from Etsy.

So far, I haven't taken any money out of the business; it's all reinvested to scale, outsource, hire freelancers, and order materials.

 Since I started cutting circles by hand, I've dreamed of not being armed with scissors. My goal was to work 'on' the business rather than 'in' it, giving me time to develop other areas like my spray arts.

UV stretch decor

After nearly 4 years of cutting, I'm now in a position to slowly start outsourcing and having another company cut my designs. It's a significant step forward. 🌐💼🚀

A couple of weeks ago, I also upgraded my Peugeot to a van in order to accommodate my growing art and decor. I decided to turn it into a mobile advertisement board.

mobile advertisement board

From now on, I'm focused on growing my business while bringing you new playful and decorative designs. 🚐🎨🌟


That’s it! You're all up to date!

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