Radiant Roots: Exploring Cherise's Childhood in Episode 1

..And boy has it been a whirlwind

A huge thank you and a warm welcome!..

Before we enter 2024 I want to give you a deeper dive into the journey that i’ve been on which has shaped how the business is today. 


Let’s start at the Beginning.

As art isn’t something I took up last week, but 22 years ago..

That's me! I was a shy only-child, a bit anxious around kids my age.

Making friends was a puzzle, and I'd rather craft with art supplies than play with other kids. 🎨😊

Art has always captivated me more than anything else. It didn't matter where I was; all I needed were pens and paper.

me as a little girl

I'd escape into my imaginative world, putting thoughts on paper and relentlessly practicing my drawing skills. I spent endless hours perfecting 3D shapes, and looking back, it was the start of my passionate journey into art!

Growing up, I spent loads of time at the allotment with my dad, but it wasn't exactly the fun kind. I was often bored as he tended to his plants. Funny thing is, those boring moments taught me to embrace it and now I see them captured within my work. Unknowingly, those allotment days stayed with me.

When I started painting in 2012, Nature became my muse. Flowery themes flowed effortlessly, like second nature. I drew from within, turning a chapter I once disliked into a cherished part of my artistic style.


Stay tuned for episode 2.

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