Giant LED Inflatable Daisy Flower Decorations


Make a statement with our top quality, LED giant Alice in Wonderland-style daisies made out of shining looking polyester taffeta ! Hang them in the air for a touch of magical wonder and let these blooming beauties create a beautiful atmosphere. They'll be sure to bring a bit of the unexpected to any room

Choose from either:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue

Then select your dangling size preference which goes up to a whopping size of 3m. That's one GIANT daisy!!!

These playful inflatables will liven up any dull space with their mesmerizing effect. Watch as the blower works its magic, creating a unique atmosphere that your party-goers will absolutely love.

Don't settle for boring - upgrade to our inflatable decorations now!

Please note that our LED inflatables will be shipped separately from our UV decor. This is because they are dispatched from our reliable over-seas factory. If ordering UV decor and inflatables together- You will receive 2 separate parcels in the post. Once your inflatable decor is shipped I will be in touch with your tracking information.

We will require your mobile number for our over-seas shipment. Your number will automatically be deleted when not in use.

$311.61 USD
Product Specifications
You will receive the full kit included with your inflatable which includes:

-Energy efficient electric fan blower 
- RGB LED lights 
- Ropes and hooks
 - Remote control (your remote will look like 1 of the 4 displayed in images)
 - Appropriate plugs for your country

Simply ensure you have a handy extension lead present to where you plan on installing and be careful of exposed dangling wires


- These eccentric, glowing LED star inflatables are shipped all over the world. So please be mindful that when ordering from outside the UK you may encounter small customs charges. It is impossible for us as a business to work out your fee as this depends on numerous factors including your country of origin. However my supplier works with me lower the cost where possible, so rest assured

-Your inflatable decorations are made to order in an international factory, so please allow for 1-7 days for production to take place, this also covers those unexpected delays. 

- Once production time is over your FREE FedEx air shipment will then take between 5-14 days to arrive depending on your country. Until it's shipped your order will remain in my pending orders. 

- You will get tracking as soon as I receive confirmation of shipment.

- No returns/ exchanges accepted. Your inflatable is made to order with my manufacturer and each piece goes through a vigorous quality control procedure to ensure no damages or defects

-Please note that ALL inflatables will be shipped separately from UV decorations. If ordering UV decorations you will receive these first, then your inflatables once it's made and dispatched from our factory. They will not be shipped together. Your order will be marked as shipped once we receive confirmation of your tracking.
We completely get how daunting decorating a massive venue can be, with so much to plan and prep you almost don't have time to dedicate enough energy into ensuring the decor is on top form. But that's why we're here. 

Even if you just focus on our giant LED inflatable daisy shapes your venue will instantly be transformed, because after all- Less is more.. Or is it?


We quality check our decorations before shipping to you

You don't need to be sceptical when ordering our LED inflatables because each one is made to order and produced with care. As soon as your decoration is done; we receive imagery of your item. We then confirm it ready for dispatch. This way you can be rest assured that you're not getting anything faulty in the mail.

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