Colourful Octopus Tiger Lily Stickers

$10.35 USD

Dive into a whimsical underwater world with our playful orange octopus vinyl sticker, featuring a delightful surprise—a vibrant pink tiger lily! Let this charming sticker transport you to an oceanic realm where imagination knows no bounds.

This adorable orange octopus, with its curly tentacles and mischievous grin, is ready to add a splash of color and fun to your belongings. And nestled among its tentacles, you'll discover the striking beauty of a pink tiger lily—a delightful combination of sea and land, just like the wonders of your imagination!

Stick this enchanting masterpiece on your water bottle, laptop, or any surface that needs a touch of whimsy. Watch as the orange octopus and its vibrant companion breathe life into your world, spreading smiles and sparking conversations wherever you go.


Sticker Specifications
Size: 10cm length x 9cm width

Material: Glossy vinyl that is kiss-cut to shape

We do not recommend using these outside as we can't guarantee the life expectancy of the colours. We want your stickers to remain bright and colourful!

Sticker Shipping

All of our mythical, magical and extremely colourful stickers are posted free of charge. 

That's free shipping all over the world. You will get tracking once your stickers have been dispatched.