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Medium Size All Green UV Stretch Decor Hire Bundle

Medium Size All Green UV Stretch Decor Hire Bundle

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Elevate your party ambiance with our ALL GREEN UV-reactive party decor hire pack! Designed for vibrant, immersive experiences, our stretchy webs come in popular sizes, all in a stunning green hue to match your event's aesthetic perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant All Green Design: Perfect for maintaining a cohesive look for themed events.
  • Easy Setup: Stretch the webs over ceilings, walls, or even sound systems to create an instant party atmosphere.
  • UV-Reactive: Shine your UV lights and watch the decor transform your space in seconds.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: After the event, simply machine wash lightly, scrunch up, and send back using our FREE returns label.

Transform your venue effortlessly and make your next event unforgettable with our all green UV-reactive party decor hire pack!



Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions before ordering and once happy we wish you all the fun with ordering and installing. Our terms and conditions can be found here, and will also be included in your hire pack.

To purchase UV green stretchy webs individually, click here

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What's in your hire package

Product specifications

Shipping & returns

  • 1 x easy to follow installation manual 
  • 1 x reminder card to ship back your decor by
  •  Additional flyers
  • Terms and conditions
  • 2 x 2m UV web in green
  • 2 x 3m UV web in green
  • Free returns label and shipping packaging
  • Our UV stretchy webs are made out of a blend of elastane and polyester making them super stretchy 
  • These webs can be washed on a light cycle with water only
  • To achieve maximum effects, please stretch out fully to avoid any saggy elements as this will ruin the overall look 
  • You can use cable-ties or small nails to install with
  • Your decor is posted out before your hire start date. Please ensure that you're selecting enough time before your event to ensure it arrives on time. You have a choice of selecting 8 or 12 days
  • Your decor will be posted free with express 24hr
  • Your decor will contain a free returns label using the same courier
  • Your deposit will be refunded within 5 days of your decor being returned to me and it being checked over. This will appear as a refund via Shopify for the amount of  which you've paid to hire. (£80.00 or £100.00)
  • Please click this link to read more about additional charges that may apply

Creates a visually stimulating atmosphere in seconds

Watch our UV green stretchy webs in action and listen to the middle video where one happy customer reviews our single 2m green web

Tried and tested

Did you know that our UV stretchy webs are available to purchase individually? Check them out on the below link. 

But PS... You get a real bargain when shopping the hires line 

Loved by many..

Choose from either 8 or 12 days on your rental. Decorating just got easier AND less stressful. 
Plenty of time to set up, enjoy your event and pack down without rushing that you're running out of time

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How Do I install this decor?

Your decor hire pack will come with an easy to follow installation manual. It's really easy and involves just a few stretches

Why is the deposit different for different packs?

Each deposit is refundable and depends on the quantity of the hire. For example hire packs with just 2 pieces in are subject to a deposit of £80. Whereas hire packs with more than 2 pieces (ie: our large bundle pack) will have a refundable deposit of £100

How long do I get this hire decor for?

You can choose from an 8 or 12 day service when you select your dates

What happens if I am late shipping back or If I ship back dirty decor?

Lateness in shipping back will result in a £15 charge taken from your deposit. And additional charges will be taken from your deposit depending on the severity of the condition upon receiving it back. 

Failure to ship back altogether will result in no deposit being refunded and the relevant legal teams getting involved. This is a stage that we don't want to impliment and we hope that you communicate with us before it gets to this stage.

Please refer to the official terms and conditions found in the footer

How do I ship back this hire pack?

Simply peel and stick your FREE returns label onto your parcel and then head to your nearest post office to ship. 

Your parcel will then get to me within 1-2 days and I will then issue your refund back within 5 days after checking it over
Will you be adding more selections to your hire packs?
Yes! Give us a few weeks and we'll start introducing LED inflatables for hire. Along with UV camo nets and UV funky shapes
Do these hire packages come fire sprayed?
our hire packages do not come with fire treatment, but we can offer it. Please send us an email and we will provide the certification in your package.