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£198.00 GBP

Create something spooky and fun this Halloween with our bespoke, made-to-order UV decorations! These playful cartoon pumpkins come alive when you stretch them across walls and ceilings, creating the perfect statement piece to bring out the kid (and kid-at-heart) in you! Enjoy a totally wicked, glowing Halloween!

Our glowing pumpkin stretchy decorations are produced at a size of 2m in length. However due to the elastic nature of this fabric, when you stretch them out you will always get more length from it. (Approx 1m more) Giving it even more 'WOW'

SpoOOook up your special occasion with us

Product Specifications
- All our hand sprayed, UV decorations are produced using our own blend of high quality water based UV paints. We also spray this design with a gloss varnish once it’s completed, which acts as a semi-waterproof coating and helps protect the UV colours for longer. However we still recommend keeping away fromheavy rainfall or keeping outside for long periods of time.

- If you select fire proofing, ensure you choose 2m . This is because this is the size after it's stretched out. You will receive a certificate with your order on how it meets the relevant British Standards for fire retardancy.
- Folds to store smaller than an A4 (8.5×11) piece of paper  

- You can instal this psychedelic, floral wall hanging using small taccs or cable-ties

- Comes with a FREE installation manual

- Not suitable for machine washing. Hand wash only.


- Production time is between 3-12 days, shipping will begin there after
 -UK Shipping Options: Express 24hr or Express 48hr with Parcel Force (Shipment info sent via text or email)
-International Shipping: Arrives within 2-5 days, Parcel Force (Tracking sent via email)

UV lights turned on

UV lights turned off

Your new favourite Halloween, trippy tapestry. Simply stretch it out to its full size and hammer in little taccs at each point, then ta-daaa- It's ready for you to shine your UV lights and enjoy it's spooky glow.

Don't be average this Halloween, be extra and shop our unique range of glow in the dark decorations. Why? Because you and your event were made to stand out.

  • A fantastic statement piece for events. Amp up your night in style.
  • Loved by all ages. Our designs are diverse and light-hearted. 
  • Comes with a gloss varnish overlay which protects your paints. Suitable for outside use, just lightly hand wash if it gets dirty. (not suitable for machine wash, keep away from heavy rainfall)

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