Pack of 2, 2m Size UV Rainbow Decorations


£275.00 GBP

We've listened to you and we've taken action! Yep that's right, now you get even more rainbow at a reduced bundle price!! That's twice the rainbow and double the fun, because why spend more; when you can spend less?

These fantastic UV-rainbow stretchy webs come in a 2 pack of 2m x 1.5m size pieces. But don't be fooled, this material has a mind of it's own! Due to its elastic nature you get more out of them once they're stretched out- Sometimes up to 1m more depending on how you install them

These really are all the fun without the faff and are perfect for decorating in a rush where you still need that captivating atmosphere. Don't worry about not knowing how to install them as each web comes with a handy,easy to follow installation manual, and you only need to worry about where you're hammering (or cable-tying) in place.


Please note that my fire proofing and semi-waterproof fixative app is in english only and won't be seen if you're viewing my website in another language. If you are requiring fire proofing or any other treatments  for your event and you're browsing in another language then please send me an email

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Product Specifications
-Made from 82% polyester, 18% elastane and water soluble spray gun paint.

-This listing is for x2 pieces at 2m size.

-Avoid long periods of outdoor sun exposure  as colours may fade.

-Durable & reusable for years to come 

-Blacklight Not Included 

- Handmade & Made to Order: Give 3-10 days for us to work our magic just for you 

- Gloss varnished to protect the colours for longer. This also acts as a semi waterproof barrier for outside use. But please be mindful of exposing them to too much water

- Fire proofed decor will come with the relevant british standards certificate 


- Production time will exist before shipment. Please allow 3-10 days to work our magic

-UK Shipping Options: Express 24hr or Express 48hr with Parcel Force (Shipment info sent via text or email - You provide us your details at check out) 

-International Shipping: Arrives within 2-5 days, Parcel Force (Tracking sent via email)
  • Popular amongst parents as children love its fantastic, rainbow glow. Decorate their bedroom ceilings and watch it transform their space.
  • Designed with some of the best non toxic UV paints on the market. We want only the best for you and your chosen spaces. 
  • A complete timeless piece. Dress it up or down and use it time and time again. 
Brilliantly crafted to reduce your labours. So you can be sure to have all the fun, but without the faff.

Made just for you in our wonderful artsy workshop. When you order you don't only get authentic, one of a kind decorations. But you're also helping to support a small business in the process. 

 Now we think that's pretty awesome.

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