UV Psychedelic Mushroom Bespoke Art Web

If you're looking for authentic, stand out party and room decorations then you've landed in the right place; because we know a trick or two about easy decor transformations that bring that WOW factor.

You've also probably landed here because you've got good taste and the likes of Ebay and Amazon for original pieces just arnt doing it for you. Fear not 

Our brand new, made to order psychedelic mushroom wall hangings are here to spice up your surroundings and with ease. All you need to do is simply stretch it out as shown on the images and lightly hammer into it with small tacs. OR... if you would rather cable-tie into position then simply pop your cable-ties through the polka dots and stretch out that way. How you install is up to you, all we say is to make sure you're stretching it out to the max to ensure full effect.

Easily adds eccentricity to any room, hall, dorm and more and neatly folds/ scrunches away ready for next time. You can use our decor time and time again


$194.33 USD
Product Specifications
- Rough stretched out measurements are approximately 1.5m x 1.6m. Stretch length depends on your installation

- This is a hand made, made to order piece, made especially for you

- If you select fire proofing, ensure you choose '1m x 1.5m'  for this listing. You will receive a certificate with your order on how it meets the relevant British Standards for fire retardancy.
- You can install this psychedelic mushroom wall hanging using small taccs or cable-ties

- Comes with a FREE installation manual


Please allow 3-10 days for the creation of your hand made, bespoke decoration. Postage will begin there after.

 -UK Shipping Options: Express 24hr or Express 48hr with Parcel Force (Shipment info sent via text or email)

-International Shipping: Arrives within 2-5 days, Parcel Force (Tracking sent via email)
  • Creates an instant room transformation with just a few stretches and a flick of a button
  • Produced using the best UV water based paints on the market. Extra bright glow
  • Loved by all people of all ages. Yep- Even your children will love it
Intense neon pigments in daylight and rich vivid UV glows during night time. You will need your own black-light 
All bespoke, stretchy art webs are made in our workshop by our lead artist Cherise. From start to finish Cherise ensures that the quality shines throughout all the stages of development, which makes our decor stand out.
Creating hand made decorative pieces is what we're most passionate about and so every order is a delight and never a chore to work on.

This mushroom design is one of the newest of the collection and we hope you enjoy it as mush as Cherise loves creating it.

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